Written by travisr on October 14th, 2019

While maybe there are labyrinths that are mazes, the ones I’ve become familiar with are single paths. Invitations for walks, guided by simple meditations.

We happened upon a labyrinth, on a hot, hot day in Vienna. Upon, two actually. Two that followed a maze.

The first labyrinth was more simple (but still, like the maze before it, a small upfront upcharge to the palace experience). It’s hedges were short. At it’s centre: some instruments, some surfaces to bounce on, and a horn piped to the ground below (we’d later find out the horn went from inside the labyrinth to outside of it.

For the uninitiated–or for those initiated differently from me, my experience with labyrinths is: you can go in with a bit of a word or a question. On the way in: you can sort out a bit what you might want to get rid of by means of the question. Once inside: receive what you have to receive. Back out: connect it all to your return to routine after the mediation and experience.

Fairly on-the-fly, I workshopped it a bit mentally it on the small one. Was I really enjoying this trip to the extent I could? On the way in, I thought of the jet lag, the expectations, the lists. time fleeting. Once in, I goofed off and played on what stood in store, inside. On the way out, I smiled and laughed and explained, and sorted out what the horn was for.

The larger was much the same. Trained by the small labyrinth and the one in Calgary, I brushed my hands on the leaves of the full one. I wasn’t there to get rid of any one thing or person, just anything that could pull me from a present-enjoying, abundance-aware, heat-wave-and-escaping hop over to Europe from being enjoyed, fully. Inside, a simple constellation of large mirrors. While, there some reflections and photos. Confident, and playful, and no longer than it all had to be, more laughs. And more co-buiding a few weeks with more understanding.

My travelmate and I, on the way out, grabbing the tale end of an audio place tour, more photos, smiling, laughing, explaining, and sorting out what it all was for. In the short term, it would be for some oddly familiar (although German-cued) yogaing . In the longer term, while that seems still meant to find out.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the year ahead. At this week and weekend’s center, some routines and rituals with those currently most familiar. Hopefully any leaves that needed shaking, shaken once in, then to return and g[r]o[w] out.

[Oh, and to the last post, yes, more contemporary art (gladly!) got uncovered, too.)


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