Meditation on a Non-Toothache

Written by travisr on May 11th, 2007

*great big woot*

It looks like I’ll be “educating tomorrow’s citizens today”.  It also looks like I’ll be educating tomorrow’s citizens tomorrow.  And… Educating tomorrow’s citizens the day after that.

I have signed… with a witness no less… a permanent, continuous, full-time contract with the Calgary Board of Education.

Big celebration.

In some ways, not much has changed.  I have been full-time with the board since last fall.

The difference is now that I am guaranteed work.  The difference is also that I no longer am ‘placed and evaluated’.  That means that I will soon be able to apply for postings on my own and that I won’t have to allude in a sing-songy voice as to why good behaviour would be a nice favour when there’s a principal or two sitting in the back taking notes.

Evaluations done and glowing.

Contract signed and in.

Plans for next year already known and being prepared for.

Being scouted in the Butterdome on a freezing cold day has now evolved into a moment where I’m both happy and aware that I’m happy.  A non-waitinggame is very pleasant.

*great big woot*


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