The Only Ukinese I’d Ever Met

Written by travisr on May 21st, 2007

The last time I saw Richard was one year ago in June.

I was in Edmonton’s Churchill Square for some larger-than-expected post-parade beer gardens.  We were in line for beer and he was wearing a camouflage shirt.  Ironically, it wasn’t a shirt at all.  It was a painted-on shirt.  He was in fact, among the crowd, somewhat topless.

After what I’m sure was some sort of smile and “nice shirt!” comment we were able to catch-up… I told him all about my Grade 5 Bunch and he told me all about his plans to head to Medicine Hat for an outdoor recreation program.  We exchanged two genuine good-for-you’s and two genuine really-good-seeing-you’s and that was that.

There are a few ironies to seeing a Richard Teha Memorial Page on Facebook… Facebook being the medium to inform me of such a tragedy being the first irony.

The second is reading, on May 21st that “On March 4th 2007, he was taken from us” and being sent the news from Sydney, Australia.

I was coincidentally thinking of Richard just today as Joanne and I drove back from the mountains quietly listening to music.

I still don’t know the entire story but it seems the world has lost a great big smile, a funky dancer, and a friendly.. wonderful.. incredible guy.  He will always be the first person I ate at Clairview Red Robin with… the first Hat Making Party host I’ve ever met… my first Ukinese encounter……. and most importantly he will always be a great example of someone with warmth and enthusiasm that radiates down a long line of smiles.

To quote the sent link: “Richard was one of the most fabulous people that was ever put on this earth.


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  1. dvb says:

    Cheers!!… to Richard, the world was never meant for one as beautiful as you…

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