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Written by travisr on August 25th, 2007

While I’m fairly certain I have a few gifts, I have one gift in particular… at least lately.

I have the gift of being seated at the best tables at weddings.

What can I say?

Yes, it’s a very specific gift not always useful in a huge variety of situations and sittings.  That said, I’m still glad it’s part of my repertoire.

I was just at a wedding held on Stephen Avenue mall at the Art Gallery of Calgary.  It, like the space, was really beautiful.

Whether at a wedding, a graduation, or even a convention I always like it when speakers recognize virtues.  I also like it when speakers recognize, even if worded in their own way, that amongst virtues like faith and hope and love [and respect]… “that the greatest of these [virtues] is love”.  I’m noticing that’s when people [including me] get teary.  Tonight didn’t disappoint.

A few people at our table said that it’s always the “stoic dad” that gets the tears.  I’d agree.  I’d say, it’s also the people who look at the person they’re thanking [whether friend, son, daughter, parent, or otherwise] with eyes unable to express their gratitude.

With that as my wrap-up of tonight’s evening, I think to myself…….

I hope I’m able to look at people that way a lot.


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  1. Barry says:

    Yes, in my experiences, you do get seated at the best tables, even in far off imaginary places like Saskatchewan. But, at that time, was it the company, was it the 7 beverages in front of you, or the awkward acceptance speech by the parents of the groom…perhaps we’ll leave this mystery unsolved.


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