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Written by travisr on August 28th, 2007

I’m smarter.  Again.

I don’t mean to start every post that way… but if the shoe fits, I guess I’d better wear it.

The last two days I had a substitute in my classroom and no kiddies.  The reason: a two day summer symposium held by our school board.  Four sessions, two days, and two really good bagged lunches.  This morning’s session was interesting. (and maybe not for all the right reasons).

I got to use pastels.

‘What?’ you say as I patiently smile to respond to your tax-paying gut-reaction.


I hadn’t used them much.  Our instructor asked us to draw a joyful or tearful moment of our summer.  The request wasn’t taken as strange because the session was, in fact, on creative journaling.   We were allowed to choose the medium.  I hadn’t used pastels much but I was quite proud of the result.  In fact, once I started… I kind of just wanted to keep going and not listen.  So did much of the class, I’m guessing, because we were given quite a lot of time to just quietly work and reflect and be proud.  I’m betting my kids sometimes, if not often, would really like just that nice calm time without my yammering.

So tomorrow…

I shall grant them the exact same gift.  (and maybe even you one.  that’s assuming i find my way to our scanner).


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  1. dvb says:

    I really got a kick out of this blog entry!!! I actually laughed out loud not just lol’d… maybe it’s my “tax-paying gut-reaction” but we need to inspire and hire more teachers with your creativity and enthusiasm.


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