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Written by travisr on September 30th, 2007
  • excitement: Montreal in one week!  It seems to all be coming together, quite splendidly actually.  I’m trying to come up with “objectives” for this trip.  I guess that will be this week’s work-in-progress.  I hope something big happens this adventure…..
  • bloatedness: James Joice Friday.  Too much food.  Way way way too much food.  Curry three times this weekend didn’t help either.
  • judgment:  At Ali’s I saw some pictures from when I worked in Edmonton.  I looked terrible.  Am I going to look at pictures, in the future, of me now and be embarrassed again?  Ug.
  • accomplishment: A bday gift for my mom has officially been purchased.  I found the Science of Sleep dvd I wanted and have pretty much organized my entire October. *woot*
  • ‘the dance’:  Neha’s houseparty living room floor and a tiny little appearance at Bamboo.  I’m not going to lie, I’m going to need to work on a few feature dance moves between now and October, October being month-of-the-dance.
  • envy: I cannot wrap my head around the fact dvb has been to HABITAT ’67?  Not even a tiny little bit.
  • rich: I’ve finally received a paycheck… for the first time since JUNE 2007.  Yes, most of it is now gone, after a flight, rent, and other various expenditures.

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  1. Leanne says:

    Kind of unrelated… but a girl in my marketing class has the same brown plaid sweater I got at Simons. Today I asked her where she got it and she got at Simons in Montreal too… I thought that was kinda cool. I was a little worried you could get them here. haha!

  2. joanne says:

    its spelled

    James Joyce

    but i forgive you

    fun weekend!!

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