How Ottawa became my Toronto

Written by travisr on October 17th, 2007

Maybe you’ve heard but I had a rough-slash-interesting [-slash-humiliating] Fall Break. A missing wallet while in Montreal meant missing identification for the flight home and a rescue by the folks and the roommate (and here’s where I mention how I’m eternally grateful to have such great people in my life… including my Ottawa Peeps).

I have to admit I’m a bit struck still. By ‘struck’, I mean I’m a bit unsure if my next trip will be anytime soon… especially if it’s to a busy metropolis. It’s kind of like getting rear-ended by a gravel truck. After it happens, you’re aware it can happen and you’re always that little bit more leery. That said, I’m sure I’ll be back on the horse before I know it.

But, as with all mishaps, I’m now super-aware how lucky I am. It’s almost poetic how much I can count on my friends and family. In fact, while it was all happening [‘it’, being the whole travel mess] I was able to take a step back and let something bigger than myself take care of things: love.

Sappy but painfully true.

While I was at my worst, love was at it’s best and at each moment I thought things couldn’t get worse… they didn’t. They got better, fast; and here I am.

So here I am, one day away from being 26. Replacement cards are in the mail, and savings are safe in the bank (well, most of them). Looks like the year coming up is going to be amazing just like the other 25… not so much by my doing but rather by the awesomeness of those around me.

It’s nice to know that whether I’m sitting at my computer typing or near-tears on a hostel floor I have a total A-Team. Armed and ready to make things…

…well, perfect! 🙂


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  1. dvb says:

    Wow! I have to say I wasn’t sure if you would even address the events that transpired in Montreal. I was partially expecting this next blog to be one of frustration and regret as most people tend to react that way to lost wallets in far away places… I’ve never been more glad to be wrong! This blog gave me chills reading it and reminded me that as much as we think we are sometimes; we are not alone 🙂 What a crazy world we love in!!!

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