Making hay while the sun shines…

Written by travisr on October 23rd, 2007

Today’s high: 21ish
Tomorrow’s [projected] high: 3.  Ick.

I awoke today [pessimistically] knowing it could possibly be one of the final days before *gasp* winter.

I awoke today hoping to soak it all in… be productive… and, well, be the grasshopper or the ant (I forget which) that gets ready for the great abyss known as seasonal affective, er,  season.

The result?  A huge success!!

Wicked-awesome costume ready for Friday?  Check.
Report-Card Action Plan prepared and started? Check.

Seriously today was a productive one!!!  YAY!!

A drama class… like always, perfect?  Check.  Check.  I even made super-sure to get everything done after school so I could soak-up some downtown action before the class even began.

Mind, body, & soul; life, work, & everything: I say BRING IT winter!  Bring your worst!  Minus five-thousand… I’m ready.

I saw you coming since yesterday’s forecast!  🙂


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