How one knows one has a surplus of time:

Written by travisr on October 24th, 2007
  1. Something that made me happy today:
    -an hour long massage that was quite-possibly the best one I’ve ever had.  Ever.  And I’ve had a lot.
  2. Something that made me sad today:
    -one of my roommate’s had some rough news tonight.  Life is crazy strange… and sucky sometimes.
  3. Something that made me excited today:
    -seeing my wicked-awesome costume with fresh eyes  this morning and being way-too-excited all over again.  I CANNOT WAIT to show Edmonton my awesomeness.
  4. Something that made me frustrated today:
    -three of my ‘cards’ were mailed back to me by the Montreal Police.  (No note or anything). Too weird.  I’m not frustrated to have them back but frustrated the rest of my cards weren’t and frustrated to think of the whole thing again.
  5. Something that made me proud today:
    -ALL 100% scores in my e-PD class!  All!  Supposedly [NOTE: not supposebly] it’s “graduate”-level work, too.
  6. Something that made me tired today:
    -not so much tired or bored… but I couldn’t really get into our school’s afternoon play.  It was put on by a theatre company and for some reason I was super fidgety and uninvested.  Imagine how you’d feel if English was somewhat new to you.
  7. Something that made me curious today:
    -Ed Stelmach’s internet address to Albertans.  haha.  just kidding.  Totally totally kidding.  I don’t even know why I typed that.
  8. Something that made me laugh today:
    -my fellow staff.  Seriously I love staffroom time. The staff at my school probably has the sharpest, quickest sense of humour around.
  9. Something that made me roll-my-eyes today:
    -hitting every single red-light [as usual] on my Country Hills Drive commute to work first thing in the morning.
  10. Something that made me nostalgic today:
    -It was totally out-of-the-blue but today while driving up the Crowchild Trail I totally had a flashback to listening to K.D. Lang sing live while at Montreal.  It was crazy-slash-awesome and made me think how I need to promise myself I’ll go to Copenhagen, not this summer, but the next one.  So I did promise myself.  I’m going.  You’re invited.

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  1. dvb says:

    Copenhagen 2009…. it’s a date! What will you be competing in?

  2. Damien O'Brien says:

    why it would be the dance floor championships. From all reports he has been training hard for it. Look out though cause so have I SO BRING IT ON!!

  3. Travis says:

    Oh Damien,

    It has been buh-rought. I for real CANNOT wait for a big Copenhagen reunion… from dancefloor to squash court–it’ll be awesomely awesome!!

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