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Written by travisr on October 25th, 2007

I love blatent-lying to myself.  Not white-lying.  Blatent lying.

(I lied to my mom, too.  :S  BUT it wasn’t intentional).

I told myself [and her] I’d leave the school at 5:00 and work on report cards when I got home.  It is now 7:49 PM.

I am eating EDO Japan take-out, checking my facebook, while simultaneously making cell-phone calls related to my Edmonton mini-vacation [which let’s not kid ourselves, is an outright and open black-hole of non-report-card-time, too].

What will I do next?  Oh, you know… pack while watching MTV Canada.  Pretty much the antithesis of educational productivity.

To top the big lie off, I’m now basically sure I’ll end the night with some quality R&R time and not even crack a binder or make any attempt to log-on to the Student Information Record System once.

Who knew that the art of procrastination ages like a fine wine… long long LONG after university is done and over with.


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