Travis’ Corner of the Web Survives Another Year

Written by travisr on October 31st, 2007

This website is now entering it’s fourth year.  I know that because I just renewed my domain/hosting.  It’s amazing the things we can now do with only a Mastercard and good people over in Jolly Ol’ England willing to host a nice little personal website for a pound or two.

Oh, how time flies.

I’d say it’s time for a little retrospective.  A flashback if-you-will.  A look at how this all began.

My very first post: *gasp* in basic non-xml html no less: bottom of this page.  So what did I talk about?  What was big and critical in my life three short years ago?
-Dairy Queen Blizzards
-A Blind Date gone wrong
-A trip to Supersize Me with two bussers-turned-awesome guys
-Red Robin
-An Internet CD Purchase

It’s nice to see that my life is now TOTALLY evolving and I blog about much less benign issues. 😉

I guess the point is not really does end up changing.  I’m still the same old me so the jist of the blog is the same old jist.  It is fun reading over old posts, though.  You should read them all too… it’d be flattering for me.  Maybe over hot cocoa or tea.

Don’t have your own blog yet?  Get one.  Quit?  Start again.  I still read most.  Some of you out there I read your blogs and you probably don’t even know… it’s like high-tech snooping.

I hope I still have some snoops out there, though, too.


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