Approx. 15 feet in the air… we walked accross traffic.

Written by travisr on November 20th, 2007

One would think it’d be tough to choose a favourite +15.

I mean they’re all so great. Just the fact that Calgary’s so unique that our downtown building’s shake hands… isn’t that the ultimate sign of Western Hospitality?

I do have a favourite +15.

It’s none of the ones where you can see the tops of C-Trains… although that’s cool. It’s none of the ones that are oil-rich.. although they’re fancy. It’s not even any of the ones featured in an entire MOVIE about +15’s…. although I love the movie.

My favourite +15 connects Municipal Plaza to the Glenbow Museum. It’s the stretch that goes through the Epcor Centre. Why?

…because THAT +15 is (until now) Calgary’s best kept secret. It has murals. It has strange sounds piped in. It has behind-the-scenes windows. It also has a handful of displays of what’s going on at Calgary’s Art Galleries. It goes up and down and mazes around… and nearly always I’ve had it all to myself. If there are people, they tend to be arty which is very cool.

Haven’t had a +15 Adventure? You’re missing out. Ready to start? Use the fish/train/mountains/fort as guides… the rest is easy.


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  1. dvb says:

    I’m hoping someday to watch the movie “waydowntown”…. I’m now quite intrigued.

  2. Erin says:

    Hi Travis

    I work for the EPCOR CENTRE and love your blog response to our +15. I would like to use it in a press release I am currently writing about the new soundscape of the +15. I was hoping I could have your permission to do so. Please email me and let me know!

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