Day of Randomness

Written by travisr on November 29th, 2007

It’s official!  I’m pushing the “I Feel Lucky Button!” on Google EVERY time from now on.  Who needs lists to choose-from when the best things in life, at least lately, are TOTALLY out-of-the-blue.

[Insert acknowledgement to Barry who has read an academic and widely published work claiming coincidences do not, in fact, exist: here].

  1. First Great Act of the Universe: My sister is out at a Banquet in Edmonton yesterday.  She’s asked where she’s from.  She replies Trochu.  She’s asked if she knows Travis.  i.e.-a.k.a-that would be: me, her brother.  Who’s asking.  Ed.  A super awesome ex-coworker who rocks my socks-off and who I haven’t seen in decades.  How the heck?
  2. Second Great Act of the Universe: A BUILDING DOWNTOWN blog comments(it’s all very remniscent ((sp??)) of WestJet, the airline’s, comment) Some questions: a) Who goes home from Drama Class and writes about a pedway?  [me.]  b) Who ever expects said-entry to be Googled. [not me.]  c) Who actually hears back from said entry’s said pedway’s BUILDING? [again, not me.] I LOVE IT!!

Okay only TWO today… but still very cool.  So now I sit here expecting big things.  Will Wendy Mesley be busting my doors down with some Marketplace question like one can only hope?? or will Dan Levy be calling with some Hills aftershow question soon??  or DNTO be doing a radio show on teachers who blog and ask for my insight??

I have so many more random things to put out there… so that virtually anyting is possible!!!  I guess blogs really are little microphones to the world…


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