And the geeks shall inherit the earth…

Written by travisr on November 30th, 2007

If you’re Canadian and you don’t listen to and enjoy the odd Rick Mercer Rant… you’re probably not really Canadian.

Last night’s was good.  Real good.  Especially if you teach and/or aren’t a huge fan of stupid people. [not that they’re all not]

Turns out: it’s National Bullying Week.
Then navigate your way to Episode 8’s Rant.




(Will Air Canada complain??…probably not.  The more you get to know the company, the more you realize they’re pretty socially liberal.  They even sponsor great-big-stadium-dances.)

Dearest Rick… I hope you’re our next Governor General.


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  1. Barry says:

    Rick is right, grade school years are some of, if not the, worst years of your life. Yes, yes, I realize we should not take our eductation for granted, but the young years can have a devastatingly timeless affect on you. You might even go on to say that many of our insecurities have their roots in grade school torment. Do the terms “fatty, lard ass, homo, nerd, loser” ring a bell with anyone? Most likely, at least one of them does. It’s not necessary that we try to completely prohibit such occurencs, but educate our youth on what’s important: what they think of themselves, rather than what other’s think of them. So, Air Canada, while we may think all of your employees are gay, it’s up to you to decide exactly how straight you think you may be 😉

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