Convention Currents

Written by travisr on February 15th, 2008

I ♥ convention.

I ♥ downtown.

I ♥ my profession.

When else can I hang out with my very best ex- and current coworkers as well as with Deb Grey and Ian Hanomansing amongst others.

I leave with it +10 outside Spring/Summer vacations in sight.

I leave recharged hearing speaker after speaker highlight the importance of an awesome education and a strong belief in the public education system.

I leave deeply proud to stand amongst colleagues whose hard-work, optimism, and enthusiasm is mind-blowing.

(and I leave with a bit of new game plan for a week long scheme next year after finding a contact within the halls of the trade-show).

And so I take away from this convention much of what I’ve taken away from the others (with the addition of a wonderful Osborne Book of Teachable Art Ideas courtesy of my school).  I do look forward to whole convention season for a multitude of reasons.

I saw convention through the car window nearly every year of my life growing up… and now I’m there after much-waiting.

Weather-warmer, self-surer, belly-fuller… I still have a long weekend to look forward to.

…bring on Report Cards.  …bring on Interviews. (followed nearly immediately by: …bring on Vegas!!). 🙂


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  1. Bruce says:

    I hope my convention experience will be half as enlightening as yours. We start tomorrow and I am very excited! (Like going to the circus for the first time… as a child NOT an adult!) I own The Usborne Art Treasury… very cool book. I will check out the title you mention as well.

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