La lettre arrive dans la boîte aux lettres

Written by travisr on February 22nd, 2008

You know when you’re so obsessed about getting a letter that you talk about it 24/7?

…And when you’re not talking about it, you’re thinking about it?  Or, phoning the place asking if there was, perhaps, a mishap?  Or blogging about it?

It was maybe my abundance of letter-related conversation, rather than pure coincidence or sign-from-the-gods, that just on the heels of explaining that I had just phoned a second time to check on my French Language funding to attend a Summer Language Immersion program at L’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)… that *my cell phone rang*:
The letter has arrived.

The eagle has landed.  The world is as it should be.  The Alberta Government is granting my wish, as a public servant, to UQAM (verb).

So, seemingly it’s real.  I’m Quebec-bound for another Summer in the classroom, as a student.  So as this cog clicks, a series of more cogs click too.  Time to register.  Time to think of a night class here in Calgary to warm-up.  Time to make arrangements.  Time to notify the here-friends that they should consider being there; time to notify the there-friends that I’d like to say hello.  Time to set goals about what this whole trip will be about.  Time to realize that a season’s pass at the Piscine de Natation at Parc Jean Drapeau isn’t such a silly idea after all… last time I would have saved and benefited BIG TIME!
I wish I could explain the draw, the mission, the appeal… but try as I might, I can’t.  This is a language, city, and culture that continues to appeal to me in fairly ineffable ways.

The letter is here.  French is funded.  I’m excited and grateful.

Je suis, tu es, il est, elle est, Nous sommes, vous ete,  ils sont, elles sont…

The letter is here!!

Je suis très heureux et reconnaissant!

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