Written by travisr on February 28th, 2008

Good or Well?

GOOD – adjective
WELL – adverb
Good describes a noun or pronoun. (object, person, place, or idea) 
Well describes a verb.  (action)
Facebook is a good website.
What kind of website?   A good website.
She types well.
How does she type?  She types well.

Ah, so “How are you doing?”

“I’m doing well.”

You’re or Your?

You’re – contraction
YOUR – adjective
You’re is a contraction (or shorter version)  of “you are”. 
Your is the possessive form of you.  It indicates something belongs to you. 
You’re on Facebook.
What are you on?   You’re on Facebook.
Your Facebook profile is funny.
What belongs to you that’s funny? Your Facebook profile is funny. 

Next time: Who or Whom?


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