Risk Factor

Written by travisr on March 4th, 2008

I sit here wondering if anyone has every been swallowed whole by the internet.  I know that the internet is relatively new, but has it ever taken someone, swallowed them, never to be seen again?  Ever.

I think I can see the potential.

For example:

Yesterday, I could barely vote without the ‘net.  I had to find my polling station with good ol’ intuition and an eye for too-many-cars-for-parking-lots-near-me.  I tried.  But the site, was down.  I didn’t feel at risk checking to see where my polling station… thinking oh my, I might never return from the internet, ever.

It could have happened.  Because, let’s see… afterwards: what have I done online? checked facebook in the PM, renewed a library book after going to bed and thinking ‘I won’t sleep if I don’t renew it now, checked facebook in the AM, checked life e-mail, checked work e-mail, saw and shared election results using the internet, taught students using internet, learned e-pd as a student using internet, booked a yoga class online, arranged a field trip on the internet, arranged a condo-tour, watched an informative TED video on math instruction [which made me somewhat frustrated], and now blogged.It’s crazy.  So what will I do tonight to compensate?

It’s crazy.  So what will I do tonight to compensate?Hot yoga.  I wonder if we’d have to do less Hot yoga-like outings if we weren’t glued to a glowing computer screen every second we weren’t using filling the face2face requirements of our lives.

(That said, I’m kind of going because I want to have a nice core for my Vegas [&/or Montreal] trips.)

(There’s something about travelling that makes me want to look good and make a good impression while getting to make a fresh impression.)

(That is, if the ‘net doesn’t get me first.)

(It hasn’t yet, has it?)

Okay, real life time.  Before it’s too late.


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