…”and soften your gaze between your hands.”

Written by travisr on March 7th, 2008

It was no thirty-day challenge, but it was a week of yoga.

Okay, not a week.  Four sessions; on a week pass: three of the sessions hot yoga (read: sauna/steamroomesque).

You’re probably aware that this experience has been layered on top of a weekly meditation class through the university.  It seems after a fall of drama, it’s a winter of body and thought awareness. (Next anticipated stop being: language aquisition.  Again.).

This was never the game plan: yoga specifically and, more generally, my Calgary life being learn-a-new skill, then another one, then another one.  But I like it.  I’m learning that the brain and the muscles like new things.  I’m also learning that they’re pretty adaptive at being as lazy as possible.  It seems keeping yourself on your toes isn’t that unlike keeping 28 eleven-year-olds on theirs.

So.  The plan isn’t to be Worlds Best Yogi extraordinaire.  (or Oscar Winning Thesbian) (or Federal Second Languages Official Guru).  The plan, right now, is to develop a scope that’s constantly being broadened and to start a search that will hopefully end in an interest area (or two) to be deeply passionate about… and maybe even more skillful teaching practices.

So do I sit [and bend] and think of all these sorts of things during the class?  No.  And there lies the big key benefit [along with the core strength]:  Yoga (and meditation) (and Drama) (and French) have been pretty good at getting me out of my head.  Well, not out… but certainly more observant, at least enough to see that I’m in that head a lot and when I am there are maybe more habits than I think.

[third person switch]

So Travis, late as usual, sees what Yoga’s all about.  Not that he didn’t know before.  Now he’s just experienced it more fully and is probably ready to do more, while trying to keep it new like it is and switching things up as needed.

[back to first]

Another reason, perhaps, to consider the core for the living-situation.  Calgary, like most cities, has zillions of learning-adventures to discover.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they were even within walking distance?

And today’s unrealted PS-  Dinner last night was amazing. I like those nights. Thanks Jo, for spearheading.  Pasta/Vino/Hot Tub/Good Company… such great way to wind-downt the week.

And today’s unrelated PSS- Bodhi Tree Yoga in Kensington: You have a typo in your guidelines.  It’s in the online registration portion: “Let us know your here.” should morph into “Let us know YOU’RE here.”  Don’t sweat it… I’ll forward you a handy little chart.


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