French Fax… the French-Quest Continues

Written by travisr on March 19th, 2008
To: Alliance Française   From: Travis Robertson
Fax: *********   Fax: **************
Phone: *********   Phone: **************
Date: 3/19/2008      
Subject: Adult Evening Classes Registration Form

Attached is a Registration Form for the Spring 2 session of Adult French (preferably the Tuesday/Thursday evening series).  This is my second class taken through Alliance Française (the previous one was an intensive French week-long class this most recent summer); I believe the class I’ve just taken was Beginner 3.If there is any further information I can provide please let me know.  This fax is three pages including this cover.

Confirmation of receipt would be appreciated.

With thanks,

Travis Robertson

I think this is it: the warm-up to UQAM… the warm-up to summer.

It’s sent in.  Next stop: booking July’s go-round.

It begins.



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