Eaton’s (before it became eatons)

Written by travisr on March 19th, 2008

I equate how I felt when Eaton’s closed [the first round] to the same way I imagine I’d feel about losing a pet.

I was really down about it.

I should mention, we never had pets.

(…well, goldfish; but does that count?)

I know that this probably understates how I should feel about losing a pet… but I’ve never really had that animal connection and I KNOW-KNOW that this probably overstates how I should feel about losing a store.  But, it was really tramatic for me.

To defend myself before being accused of having priorites that are way-out-of-wack, my family… grandparents included… went to Red Deer, to the mall, nearly every Saturday.

Some of my earliest memories are being paired up with either grandparent, visiting the toy section: after chosing personally elavator or escalator, seeing the Christmas trees at Christmas time, and watching… if it happened to be a Grandpa day… prices get discussed and Eaton’s no-sale policy getting explained.  It’s a memory of serenety and calmness.  I even remember trying on Bugle Boy jeans there as a kids and having one of four adults double check that the waste size was okay.

Later on in life, now flying much more solo, the majority of my clothes were bought there.  As my sense of identity increased… it was there that I developed my first fashion-sense and my first temptations to pay a little more in order to get recognized for what I was wearing and even to pay a little closer attention to how I could get more for less money.

It’s not to say I grew up at Eaton’s.  That’s not the case, at all.  But, I can still see the crazy green carpet… even smell the smell… and picture the tight-curl-permed hair sales associates and their glasses or the sneakers neatly displayed on the fake-wood laminate wall.

So what does that say about me?

Hmmmm…. maybe my western-culture consumerism was right there, right from the start.  Maybe, that marketers really are able to connect their goods and spaces with memories and feelings.  Maybe, that I’m way too cerebral.

Regardless, here I am, twenty-odd years later reading a book about ego, things vs. experiences, thinking vs. being… all on the dawn of a LAS VEGAS trip: pretty much the antithesis of all-things-being.  …all the while, reading and writing about my Eaton’s sense of loss.


My life of contradictions continues.  …as does the exploration.  The only thing new: I’m a bit more willing to take-on the exploring.


I’ve found a new venue…:

shavasana. 😉

(Can you tell it’s one more day until Spring Break?) haha.


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