This morning I awake in Calgary; Next morning I awake in Vegas

Written by travisr on March 26th, 2008

The flight leaves tomorrow; the suitcase sits open ready to be filled… the tradition of a Spring Break vacation continues.

What am I most excited for?  Really, that moment when I’m there and I say to myself, “I’m here.  I’m in in Vegas… a different place” or even “I’m here.  I’m on my way, in a plane, to Vegas; the moment’s arrived.”

Even now it seems more real.

I go with three other really great guys.  I go with the mindset that I deserve this getaway.  I go with a brand new cell phone and a teeeensy bit of optimism that I might be flying back a winner (although my few nickles and/or pennies might make that tough).  This before-trip excitement is really almost as enjoyable as the real thing.

So yes, I hope there are many stories to share upon arrival… a few pictures… and maybe even a few wardrobe additions.  As usual, the world will be very kept-posted.  From Cirque, to Margaret, to the insanely lit up ginormous buildings I’ll fill you in on my ‘take’ on it all.

Now: to just remember the passport.


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