So good.

Written by travisr on April 30th, 2008

If you have my brain:

You think of one thing that leads to another thought that leads to more of the same… and eventually you’re on some totally different tangent and hungry at the same time.

In yoga (slash meditation) there’s a system to remedy that a bit:

It’s focusing on your breath… and gently letting go of thoughts slash thought-patterns you’re holding on to.

The only thing is (again, with my experience):

The thoughts that do get through aren’t those vaguely connected trains.  They’re far more random and unrelated [if that’s even possible].  More like a pixelated stock ticker showing a random stock price every so often when the brain drifts away from the breathing.

Tonight, no surprise: Provincial Achievement Tests, A vision for the upcoming condo, Summer Ideas for Montreal with guesses to how that’s all going to pan out, and the newest employee at Milestone’s [sic] Milestones.

Funny, I could have maybe predicted some of those.

Yet again, yoga provides some insight along with the bendier back… this time with Yin (now in the running for favorite class, with Shavasana maintaining the lead for favourite pose… not that favourites are allowed.  At all.)
Unrelated PS- My roomie’s about to experience Cirque’s “O”.  So jealous.


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  1. Joanne says:

    yes, yes I am.

  2. Khail says:

    Soooo good! Just…relish in it!

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