we got spirit… ya ya… we got spirit…

Written by travisr on April 23rd, 2006

i’ve been told a few times i might be an old spirit.

three times maybe.  not saying i believe in reincarnation but if i did, that would mean that i’ve been around the block a few times… and some of the advice i give could be well-warranted.  i kind of hope i am an old spirit and there is some truth to the whole idea.

i really like it when people say i have good intuition, or when i get recognized for saying something that is very “wise” for my age, or when people listen to me in general… you know the saying “a maturity well beyond his years.”

at school i tried to pick out the students, once, who could possibly be old spirits.  i couldn’t.  my circle of friends, same thing.  i couldn’t.  i don’t really know what i’m looking for.  i wonder if there’s some kind of flow chart for picking out this kind of thing. 

all i know is that i’ve heard that the feel of some peoples’ spirits is too old for most people to understand.  that idea is kind of intriguing.  sometimes people don’t understand me or seem to be going in circle after circle.  maybe that’s because *wait for it* on a universal level they’re not as far along as me.  it’s always nice feeling on the advanced side of the bell curve… so it’d be cool if i was.  god knows that wasn’t always the case in university.

although maybe i’m sitting here with this huge ego related to all this and “old spirit” is really just an euphemism for “boring”. hmmmmm… food for thought.


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  1. ali says:

    Sometimes you smell like old spirit. Okay, not really. I wonder what I was in a past life. A bird?

  2. joanne says:

    I have also been told i have an old spirit.

    but i think, based on your entry, that i know more about it then you do, cuz i can see it in others sometimes,

    there’s no flow chart, its something you sense.

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