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Written by travisr on January 28th, 2009

If When I take on graduate coursework, one of my many concerns is the reading aspect.

I’m an awfully slow reader.  Painfully slow.  This deficiency even causes me to procrastinate on marking stories, essays, and reports.  [Things that most people could probably read in about four seconds.]

I like to read.  I can read.  I do read.

It just takes me forever.

As a case in point, I have been reading A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry since April.  Granted, I’ve only been reading it about ten minutes a day, each school day (while the students read).  I’m in love with it (and horrified by the true-to-life lives it describes) but I just can’t get it all finished up.

So rather than finishing up what’s on my plate, I’ve been trying to brush up on curricular reading skills.  I’ve been diving in to school and learning related stuff and trying to pick up the pace.  My latest find is one that alleges “Right-Brainers will rule the future” [Thank the heavens!].  It’s called A Whole New Mind (and is by Daniel H. Pink) and is meant to supplement my current Online Book Study Book Five Minds for the Future (by Howard Gardner).

I anticipate having a review ready shortly after the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Oy yoy yoy.


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