Something for nothing?

Written by travisr on May 12th, 2009

So how do we know when micro-blogging (i.e. Twitter) is useful?  Obviously, when you get a free iPod.  …an actual free iPod not to be confused with the claims of free iPods that seem to pop-up everywhere.

I’m giving myself five weeks to give the iPod Twitter Test a chance.  So far the hypothesis-supporting data looks alright.


  1. Travis decides on Mother’s Day Weekend he is going to need his own laptop for his work/masters/life.  One that has not been purchased by tax payers that can be updated at will, and be an intimate extension of his own life.
  2. Travis decides on a MacBook for a variety of reasons and checks with the Apple crowd online that he’s on track with that decision.  Apple crowd= Jay.
  3. Travis posts to Twitter his pending purchase idea and ability to discover the Education Discount–for which he qualifies double: as a student, and as a teacher.
  4. Travis goes to Apple Store last night and verfies all his research, including the unlikelihood of a sale or the release of a new product in the very near future.
  5. Travis receives an @reply that changes his life and view of social media: Don’t buy now.  Usually just before summer the Education Discount comes with a Back-to-school rebate offer for a free iPod.  Google reveals this to be true, all the way back to 2006.  …Usually the first week of June or so (not so long from now).  The @reply is from bff’s high school friend, from Leduc!
  6. Travis realizes social media does what it does best, bring people together for some unique obscure cause, that could probably not be brought together as easily any other way.  In this case: sticking it to the man.  [haha, ya right.  more like giving the man a thousand or so more dollars, just hopefully in a more efficient way].

As the iPod and MacBook wait goes, time will tell.  I’m cautiously optimistic as per usual.

=) Oh internet, what would we do without you?


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  1. M. says:

    Jesus Christ I told you about this “Education Discount comes with a Back-to-school rebate” many many times.
    You simply stated you didn’t want to wait to buy something just to get a free iPod…AND a free printer.

    And I had the listening problems in the relationship.

    Men, ugh.

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