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Written by travisr on May 11th, 2006

I’m sick.

Cold sick.  Stuffy sick.  Bitchy sick.  Nostril fluid sick.

I decide… rather than becoming an invalid and feeling sorry for myself, this morning, I’ll pack a gym bag and try to go to the gym after school.  Maybe some activity will help.

I go to the gym shortly after four, take some marking, line up for my class (and do my marking), and give Ripped another go.

Class is over (i’m bagged, a little sore because I worked to the “challenge level”, and still sick/hacking) and my phone is flashing red.  I check my messages and it says “your mailbox is full”.  That’s psycho.  I had two messages before and room for ten.  What is going on?

Oh, right.  I have people in my life who find me unreliable and feel the need to leave TWO or THREE or FOUR MESSAGES rather than one.  The messages get increasingly tense and accusational, questioning my “message turn around abilities.”  I’m not sure if they misunderstand the voicemail system, or if they misunderstand my basically reflex response to feeling harped on…. but there are all the voicemails in their full glory filling my voicemail to completion.

To all who read my blog: if I do not answer my phone for a two hour span, I am not dead, I am not blocking you, I do not hate you, I am not in the hospital, I did not take the day off and choke on my own vomit, I am not in Florida/Paris/London/Australia, I am not purposefully trying to make you wait on me, I am not toying with you, or playing mind games with you… I AM AT THE GYM OR A MOVIE OR A MEETING OR MARKING OR MAYBE EVEN IN THE BATHROOM WITH–FOR SOME STRANGE REASON–MY PHONE IN THE OTHER ROOM (although that wouldn’t be two hours probably)!!!!!!!!!!!!  What the hell did people do before cell phones?  I would relish to be in the days that people needed to wait for me to find a phone to get my message and then wait for me to be home long enough to call them back.

Oh, right.  I’m sick.

Cold sick.  Stuffy sick.  Bitchy sick.  Nostril fluid sick.  Usually, I’m probably more patient.  You’d probably rather leave a voicemail than talk to me anyways.  At the tone, please record your message.  I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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  1. joanne says:

    for clarification…. how many times do i need to call you before you call me back?

    i left one message.

    i feel proud of myself.

    *pat pat * good work jojo, good work.

  2. joanne says:

    how many times am i supposed to call?

    i forget

    but i am sure ileft one message.

    good work jojo, good work

    *pat pat pat*

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