In 10.

Written by travisr on July 13th, 2009
  1. This week has changed me.  I’ve learned more than I thought was possible in a week.
  2. I’ve found out what I’m all about this week, as far as teaching goes.  When I’m doing assignments at this pace, I don’t have time to write about anything other than what I’m all about, even if I attempt to.
  3. My classmates, cohort, and colleagues are amazing.  I learn from them every day: whether in class or in casual conversation.
  4. I love learning.  I feel a bit strange giving up so much of summer, but I’ve loved the push, the conversations, and the process.
  5. I’ve never spent so much time in front of a laptop, ever.  I’ve never done so many assignments paperless.  Paperless research is a whole new ball of wax.
  6. I’m the best I’ve ever been at typing lately.
  7. I consider much of this learning a new language.  AT the very least, this has involved learning a whole new vocabulary.  SO much of this has reminded me of French summer immersion.
  8. The peaceful setting of Lethbridge is very cool to go to university in.
  9. Social media has helped me more than I thought it would: from Twitter to Facebook.
  10. My sense of time is TOTALLY distorted: between the deadlines, and the pace, and the classes.  It will be so strange being in Montreal in a few weeks, too.  This will have been quite the summer.

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