Written by travisr on May 14th, 2006

it’s been random… really random… but lately i’ve been thinking about this: i have a really hard time putting myself in different headspaces.

example: it’s spring now.  i can’t really really picture or imagine life when it’s the dead of winter.  i mean i can describe it and think about it but i can’t really put myself there and imagine it emotionally.

even when it’s after-school i can’t really really picture the morning, or late-at-night and how different those times are, or how differently those times feel.

i know this makes no sense… so bare with me.

even when i’m feeling sad, or excited, or nervous about something… once the feeling leaves me i can’t really go back to that.  sometimes it was even something i was really thinking a lot about in that headspace, but when i’m in a different one, it makes no sense anymore at all, and i’m like “what was i thinking?  why was i so obsessed with that.”

am i alone in that?  it just makes me think about how much what i’m feeling and situations i’m involved in and where i’m at, all, really change everything.  even when i look back at stuff i’ve written… i can’t really ‘feel’ feeling some of those things.  crazy.  i know.  at least admittance is the first step.


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