Having to Choose

Written by travisr on August 4th, 2009

This vacation, among other decisions, I tried to decide whether I liked the Man Stabile (also called L’homme) Statue at one end of Parc Jean Drapeau (slash Isle St. Helene) as much as I thought I did.

I used a simple formula.

  1. I looked at it.  (with Barry, Lee, Ben, and Jay).
  2. I remembered another statue I also liked in Montreal, in fact on the same isle, at La Ronde (that has now been turned into a water fountain).
  3. I went to La Ronde.  Paid.  (not just to see the statue, to ride the Roller Coasters too… again with Barry, Lee, Ben, and Jay).  I looked at the newly remembered statue/waterfountain.  I begin to compare.  I begin to wonder if the two are even worth comparing.  I begin to see the two as awfully similar.
  4. I then asked myself which do I like better.

I couldn’t decide.

Quelle-suprise (sp?)! Now…

Does that mean:
a) I don’t like the original favourite stabile/statue, L’homme (slash Man) as much as I thought I did.
b) I now have TWO favourite statues.
c) I do like it [the original] as much as I thought I did.
d) That I really have to decide.

I’m not sure there’s a real answer in there.  BUT it’s been an awesome vacation.  I’m sure I’ll type more soon.

Now.  For a quick recap of the best of my gigantic teacher’s holiday vacation extraordinaire [time off]:
Calgary (quick), Edmonton (quick), Nick and Dan’s cabin (quick), Calgary (long), and Ben’s Return.

…wonder if I’ll ever figure out how I feel about Alexander Calder’s Man Stabile.
…or Divers/cite.  …or Francofolies.  …or Just pour Rire.  …or Just for Laughs.
…or Montreal.

…or any of it really.

Yet again; Montreal doesn’t disappoint.


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  1. Shelley says:

    Glad to hear you are enjoying some of your time off!
    I vote for ‘why decide?’ Maybe you have two statues that you think are great and not a favourite at all – yet.
    You never know, there may be another statue that you have yet to see that will be greater than these two …

  2. Karin says:

    I think you haven’t seen your favorite statue yet, or there’d never be a comparison issue. Mine is Bernini’s David, though pretty much anything by Bernini is amazing if you ask me. It’s like love, if you don’t KNOW that this is the best sculpture/painting/music you have ever encountered, then it’s probably just a nice little infatuation. Enjoy it for a time, then move on.

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