Hmmm… Can Tim Horton spell? …or do I not understand grammar as well as I think I do?

Written by travisr on August 10th, 2009

I just wrote to them to see.

…and had a little melodramatic moment on Facebook.  [That I was glad a few acknowledged vs. deleting].

Hmmm… You be the judge.

I could be wrong, but is this the proper non-contraction “it’s” below [vs its].  You be the judge.  There’s a helpful waterfall video on my Facebook, too.

“…Donations & Sponsorships:

How do I request a donation for my not-for-profit event from Tim Hortons?

For 40 years, Tim Hortons and it’s store owners have practiced a philosophy of giving back to the communities in…”

The quoted above OF COURSE quoted from the Canadian entry portal of their website.

[And, yes… I really did write a letter.  I’m curious to hear/read the letter(‘)s response].


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  1. travisr says:

    They’ve written back this morning!!! Well. …at least, a computer has!


    More to follow, I’m sure.

    OAKN-7UTFBD (My lucky ticket number from writing!!!)


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