well you can tell by the way I use my walk…

Written by travisr on May 15th, 2006

I’m ahead of my times.  No question about it.

Summer 1999- flip flops/faded smaller T’s “Um… Travis” says my swim club kid, “aren’t those girl shoes?”  No, my child, flip flops (or as we called them, thongs) are back for everyone.

Fall 1999- my infamous bright orange, in the spirit of a lifejacket, pill-free orange fleece vest… I remember the first day I wore it, I was nervous and tempted to retreat.  Oh, Gap.  You changed my life.  Now half my wardrobe is technicolor.

Winter 2004- The faux hawk.  granted mine was HUGE and bleached to grilled perfection.  The tips didn’t slow down though at Canada’s favourite gourmet burger maker.  Edmonton was ready.

May 15, 2006 (although in “Sahrah” linen, not “Charcoal”)- The RW&CO flood pant.  Is Trochu ready?  No.  Is Calgary ready? Probably not.  Will Montreal be? Most definitely.  Did I wear them to school today, despite my sister’s better judgement.  YOU BET YOUR CAPRI-COVERED-BOTTOM!:

Mixed reviews.  Some kids were like, “um??”.  Some didn’t say anything.  Some wouldn’t have noticed if I came dressed as an Amish Missionary.  The staff had a spectrum of reactions, as well.  Seriously, my legs are muscley enough to pull them off annnnnd I have kick-ass sandles.  I deserve nice cool legs on days like today.  I demand equality!!! Jo and my Grade 6 Partner in Crime (and my Mom which surprised me to no end) seemed to dig ’em so that’s all that matters. 


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