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Written by travisr on May 22nd, 2006

[i know some of you hate the serious ones, but they’re part of the package]

I just watched “The Corporation“.  Wow.

Scary.  Freaky.  Shocking.  Wow.

Corporations are certainly forces to be reckoned with.  After watching this documentary, I’m wondering this undeniable force means we, as governments and consumers, don’t bother trying any sort of reckoning process.  Corporations are plundering our resources with no sign of stopping or sight of what exactly is “enough”.
One of the speakers in the film reminded me of Maude Barlow, a speaker I heard at Teachers’ Convention.  It turned out that was because the speaker was Maude Barlow, the same person I had heard.  Crazy.  She spoke, both at the conference and in the documentary, of the fight to keep certain things like health, education, and water public because they are sacred necessary things that should not fall victim to private tyrannical interests.  She spoke also about how this fight is currently being lost.  Wow.

Scary.  Freaky.  Shocking.  Wow.
As a Grade 5 Teacher it is my legal responsibility to teach students to “assess how roles, expectations and images of others may influence life role interests (e.g., influence of family, friends, role models, media)”.  Am I doing enough?  Am I teaching students just how much they are being manipulated by experts to be consumers and to support efforts that are proven to be against the best interests of our world, both as a planet and as a common humanity.  Am I arming them properly?

The need for keeping health care and education public in Alberta has been an issue I have felt compelled to for some time.  My first and only protest was at the legislature against Bill 11, a bill to allow overnight surgeries at private clinics.  Am I doing enough to convey why I feel these two institutions benefit by remaining public?  That protest was now six years ago.  This is a country where protests are certainly a right, and are almost encouraged, but what have I done lately?
Corporations have plenty.  More resources and experts than they know what to do with, in fact.  But what they don’t have are souls.  They don’t have, what Christians refer to as Fruits of the Spirit… Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, or Self-Control… Those nice gushy things we, as people, feel and appreciate.  Those things we feel, quite rightly, that there can be no possible law against.  Why then is there even a viable conflict here?  This literally doesn’t make sense to me.  It seems like ‘wrong’ is prevailing over ‘right’ when some of this should not even be an issue to begin with.  I don’t know what I’m doing about it, or going to do about this… but this isn’t and hasn’t been sitting right with me.

Now if you’ve met me, or read my blog in any detail you might find this whole post ironic.  I’m about as Brand Name as they come.  But I think I’ve had a fairly substantial eye-opening in the last year or so.  I hope either in my career (current, future, or otherwise) or in my everyday life I’m able to impact some of these issues a bit… certainly more than I have been.  Product for thought.



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  1. allan says:

    i wish i knew what to say, beyond expressing my hope that you’ll follow your (considerable) heart. i will always delight in your ongoing discovery of self.


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