today i danced in shades of lilac…

Written by travisr on May 28th, 2006

don’t laugh at me.  but.  the other day i caught part of “so you think you can dance?”  maybe you saw it.

there was a guy with a mohawk who said he danced in various colours.  he said for his audition for the show he was going to dance in shades of blue.  then he danced in a very interpretive, melodic way.  he made the cut and was stoked.  i’m not much of a dance expert but he was really good.

i envied his ability to totally be in his element.  he was really good.  he knew it.  he was recognized accordingly.

i want to find my element and totally feel like the master of my domain.  feel like i own the room.

until i find it i hope i continue to have days like today.  today we meandered down the lilac festival in mission taking in all the people, booths, and entertainment.  it was grey out, but still very fun.  we ran into quite a few people that we quazi-knew and ate tons of crazy food.

say what they will, cities are fun places.  hopefully today was the start of  a very good metropolitan summer.  (and maybe even one where i can figure out my moves).  happy lilac festival everyone!!


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