karmic retribution and other jots

Written by travisr on May 30th, 2006

– today in my car i remembered slamming manditory second language initiatives while at the Forum for Young Canadians while/whilst in High School.  I’m pretty much ‘for’ all things second language now, but it’s too late.  It’s been mandated.  Here I am teaching the age that second languages are mandated for … and I’m second languageless… all because I said it was stupid in my egomaniac youth.
– At the mock conference there, I said “People are dying because of mismanaged funding to our healtcare system, and all this government cares about is that those people dying… … … *wait for it*… speak a second language.”  Needless to say some people gasped.  Looking back this was a case of karmic retribution waiting to happen.
-  Not that I’m counting but if I was… 21 more days of school.  crrrrazy.
– Heritage Park. Thursday. All day…. *woot*
– Joanne came with me to Ripped tonight.   Inquire with her, as to whether or not my description of this pain-worse-than-root-canals is a usual exageration.  Shout out to her birthday being tomorrow too!! *woot* *woot*
– Accomodations in Montreal are proving to be crazy.  My response to the craziness should have me comitted.  I’m going to be staying at three different universities’ residences because they’re booked up at different times.
– If I get time I’ll put up a screen shot map to explain how retarded my plan is for my stay at Montreal.  Want to capture your screen and be cool like me?  Press “PRINT SCREEN” on your keyboard.  Copied to your clipboard will be a graphic of the screen you are currently seeing.  Use paint (and paste it in) to scale and add to it!  So fun, especially if you are prooving to someone that a feature exists on PowerPoint.  😉
– Want to be technologically advanced at an even higher level?  When using text-messaging and the T9 function to enter your text, 0 is a next button.  “ME” shows up but you wanted “OF”?… (tell me this hasn’t happened at least once to you).  Just press “next” and it will try another guess as to the word you wanted.  Voila “OF” replaces “ME”.  Shout out for this one goes to alison.  shout out with a marketing edge here.
-  I started reading Eats, Shoots, and Leaves today.  If Lynne Truss read this blog, she’d die.  It’s; ironic” because–I’m “quite with :::punctuation, actually.  This blog is not living: proof… though.  My kids think I’m even more psycho than usual for reading a book on proper punctuation.
– If one more person says “oh” on msn with me… I’m going to bump them off my list.  My sister says, “Who just says ‘oh’ in real live conversation?  No one.  Why is it okay on MSN?”  It isn’t. It makes conversation move at a snail’s pace.  Oh–comma–*insert text with more reaction here*… from here on in please!!


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  1. joanne says:

    Ripped, was definatly not easy.

    OK 54 shoulder presses….

    did she say 54?

    but ‘i love my body’, ‘i feel my body’, i am going to buy the video’s and preach.

  2. allan says:

    (power) point, set … and match



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