T., U of L, Green [although, then… I would have said Blue].

Written by travisr on November 29th, 2010

I glanced at last year’s yearbook today while at school while covering another teacher’s class.

I have never met last year’s departing Grade 9’s (unless, of course, our paths crossed during my Spring job interview for two whole seconds).  Still, I glanced through their ‘Nickname:, Future Plans:, Colour:’ write-ups; the ‘Future Plans:’ question (and answers), in particular, made me think.

What would I have answered in Grade 9?

Why were so many future plans to travel the world, even while so young?  What would determine which students actually do?

One student wrote: “…to get through life.”  Concerning.   Who was he?

I know what I would have written.  I would have written the same thing in Grade 12, and in Grade 6. I would have described my potential education degree and my potential teaching career.  …in detail.  I wouldn’t have known then that I was destined to live in a city.   I wouldn’t have known then that I would pursue a graduate degree and fall in love with Montreal, rollercoasters, and patio gatherings [among gatherings of other nearly every other variety].  My future plans would have been to sit in and in front of a classroom for a long time to come.  I then saw to it that those future plans were realized.

Which gives me more pause for thought.

What are my future plans now?  …and how able am I to reach the learners who drag their way into my classroom hoping to just get through it, while less sure of where their futures lie?

What are the differences between students who plan to conquer the world, travel it, and those who hope to navigate even the tiniest corner of it with even some success?  When I said and knew I wanted to teach, was it because I wanted to make a difference….. or because I liked the collective personality of the teachers I’d encountered and the difference they made to me?

Why couldn’t I be the [email protected]$$ kid that wrote the funny response and/or laughed at the funny responses instead of asking. so. many. questions?


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