A first draft of… My Brave 100

Written by travisr on January 2nd, 2011

Speak on CBC Radio One | Order a meal in French in Paris | Visit Copenhagen and Jutlund | Attend a meditation retreat | Visit each province’s legislature grounds | Ride a rollercoaster with a current record | Throw an ‘event’ | Apply to speak at a conference I barely or don’t qualify for | Run a half marathon | Compete in an international Masters-level sporting competition | Rent an apartment for a week | Stay in a luxury hotel and order room service | Take an undergraduate course connected to no program | Play a djembe at Tam Tams on Mount Royal (or unencountered drumming circle) | Take a multi-week French immersion class somewhere not Bilingual (Montreal) | Attend a weekend yoga retreat and/or practice yoga for 10 consecutive years with some consistency | Bungee in Oceana again and on one other continent | Write about Calgary as an ‘insider’ | Discover five new things about Montreal | Discover Vancouver more authentically, connect with it | Attend a house party in Toronto |  Visit three new American cities | Play a new song on piano with both hands | Complete a triathlon | Volunteer for a festival/charity event | swim 50m under 30 seconds unassisted | dance outside in a country I’ve never been to yet | make a case for a guided tour at a venue that doesn’t offer tours | A second Manhattan in Manhattan | Participate in a summer solstice celebration | Help organize a winter solstice celebration | a solar eclipse | bike 123 km | Discover San Fransisco | Write and send 100 thank you notes | Own this/a condo | Own land | Attain a Master’s degree | Teach an undergraduate class | Take a date to Waterton Park | Be on a Committee/Board | Do a diving board flip at an outdoor pool I’ve never been to… bonus points for a one-and-a-half | 5 10m Jumps at 5 different pools with 10m planks the public are allowed to use | Total 5 years of West African experience | Tour an modern art gallery… immediately afterwards, attempt modern art | Take a visual art Class | Send a postcard from Saint Pierre/Miquelon | Eat Lobster from East Coast | Start a topical blog | Play a full water polo game by the actual rules | Send a Christmas Card from the United Nations |  Happy Baby pose on Eiffel Tower | Ride The Tube and mind the gap AND ride the Milleneum Ferris Wheel | spend an entire day on what’s displayed on a wall in my condo/house | Attend an Opening Ceremonies event | Take a behind the scenes tour | Lead a tour | Provide a Pecha Kucha/TedX/Reading/Story Telling experience | Perform headstand | Put $100 on black | Take a date to Butchart Gardens one evening | Zipline | Take a photograph at the Gopher Hole Museum | Sleep under a canopy | Waterslide at Tropical Islands near Berlin | Finish my Wreck this Journal | Finish the novel A Fine Balance | Attend a wine tasting | Visit a Pemberton in Vanuatu | Research a social science | Tent consecutive nights in the Rockies | Snowboard an entire weekend without breaking my elbow | Tube or Raft the Elbow… with a lifejacket, of course | Wall/rock climb | Attend an Expo/World Fair | Throw a dinner party | Participate in a charity fundraiser | Find and walk 10 labyrinths | Organize a game of Slippery Watermelon with my friends | Become a season pass holder | Emcee an event | Learn to Whistle | Write a Letter to the Editor (maybe not the Red Deer Advocate, since I’m already published there) | Take a last-minute trip | Visit a city’s tower and take the stairs | spend a whole day (or most of one) at the spa | backpack | throw a successful[ly] surprise[-ing] party | attend a festival | make and give (a) friendship bracelet(s) | Give something difficult up for Lent | Participate in a collective demonstration | Rent an event venue | Give a toast | Contribute to Wikipedia | Attend Canada Day in Ottawa | Make a reservation for something with a minimum 6 month waiting-list | Experience La tire d’érable (ou tire sur la neige) | find Stampede:Calgary::_________:x, where x = five other cities, attend then document | publish a book or equivalant


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  1. Scott Lockyer says:

    I love this Travis! It makes me want to make a list just like it.

  2. The Roommate says:

    I love this. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. It puts mine to shame. I hope I am able to participate in at least a few of these with you.

    Favourite: visit a Pemberton in Vanuatu.

  3. dvb says:

    Shotgun on doing the full day at the spa with you 🙂

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