Have a nice trip. See you in the fall.

Written by travisr on September 5th, 2006

September’s Here.  The real start of school.  In fact, I always think of Fall as the real “new year”.  (Academic calendar.  My B-day.  New T.V. Schedule.)

That said, 2006/2007 is looking good.  Real good.

My school rocks my boat.  My unit plans are coming together.  I’m getting my bearings (sp?).  I’m also feeling successful.  I think I’m coming a long way in my teaching abilities.  Today, I even got to go to a Forest for a meeting.  Who gets to have meetings in Forests?   No one.  Oh and did I mention I’ll be bald in 24 days??  Hopefully the world is more ready than I am.

Went swimming today at the wave pool.  Bought a pass, so I’ll swim more.  (although I couldn’t use it today which peeved me a bit).  10X at two of Calgary’s finest pools… No expiry.  One’s near Jo.  One’s near work.  What could be better?  I also registered for a NLS recert, so I can call myself a Lifeguard for two more years.  It’s in October.  It’s been so long.   Yikes.

I’m basically an MRC student, too.  Well, I’m going to take a French Class I think.  It’s once a week.  I’m also going to get a gym pass there.  SUPER DUPER CHEAP thanks to my roommate/rainbow connection.  Walkable too.  Awesome!

A few other possibilities are brewing in the form of some vacations and get-togethers, which is never bad.  If the last two weekends are any indication… my friends are better than most.  Never boring.  Never at a loss for words.  Man oh man oh man… I’m in love with life at 24/my peeps/life these days.

Ah, Calgary.  Almost as good as Montreal… especially in terms of new beginnings.  I’m excited to dive in, once again, to another exciting year.  🙂


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