Friday Night Nightmare

Written by travisr on September 9th, 2006

This nightmare is very scary.  Please be aware of that before you read it.  This is an actual nightmare I had last night, after eating cheescake, and a taco salad with my roommates instead of going out.  Again, please be aware that this nightmare is quite awful:

I’m teaching in this small little school.  A lot of the kids are kids I have actually taught.  Some of the other teachers are teachers I have actually taught with as well.  I have a few IPP’s, and it’s a very busy morning.  The recess bell goes.

I realize that the staff washroom/coffee/couch is like 40 flights of stairs up.  Which should strike me as odd because it’s a tiny little school.  I make the trek, and the staffroom is very small and makes me clausterphobic and a bunch of parents are there, too, making the space seem even smaller.  I just get there and realize recess is over, and have to turn around and go back.  In fact, I’ll probably be late already because of the 40 flights of stairs.

This is the scariest part of the nightmare.  I get back and realize I’m not a teacher at all.  I’m a swimming instructor.  All of a sudden I’m teaching my 30some kids (after no break at all) SWIMMING LESSONS.  The scene is my outdoor hometown pool.  I think to myself, how in the heck did I decide to take this job.  Grrrr…  Oh the horror.

So, I decided to recertify all my swimming courses in case I want to instruct/lifeguard again, for real.  Do you think this nightmare indicates it was probably time to let the aquatics side fo my life.. die.  Hmmmmm….


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