To Be or Not To Be?

Written by travisr on September 11th, 2006

Grrr….  I’m trying to find a night class.  (Or as all the kids are calling them these days “A Continuing Education Class”.)

French seemed like the obvious choice.  Then, maybe a fitness class.  Then, as Oprah would say, I had my “Aha!” Moment.  An Introduction to Acting through the Epcor Centre was calling my name.

I call.  Voicemail back, “We’re full, but forming a waiting list for a possible second class.”  Grrrrrrr….  I had my heart set.  As always, flop.

So do I wait and see?  Register in French?  What to do… what to do?  I wish things weren’t full… ever… I’m not usually organized enough these days to sign-up for much more than a few days in advance.  Grrrrr….

P.S.  Whoever runs this blog sounds awfully cool.  😉


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