July 2011’s second-last Friday and last Tuesday.

Written by travisr on July 20th, 2011
  • Ah, Friday.  My final paper for this term is due.  In a sense, it’s the last paper I write for this degree.  I guess that depends if you classify a proposal (my Fall project) or a capstone (my Winter project… or Spring II… as the U of L so euphemistically likes to put it) as papers.  I don’t know what’s with me but I could have EASILY completed this paper while in Lethbridge or earlier this week, but I didn’t.  Actually.  I do know what’s with me.  I’m in full-on enjoy-life, it’s-summer, fun-projects mode.  These two weeks in Lethbridge have been a total joy.  After two summers there where I was pulling on every ounce of effort, brain power, and endurance I had… this summer has really been one about….. enjoyment.  Also, this paper charts the course for the rest of the year… so… more than usual, I’m waiting for that elusive perfect moment for that elusive perfect paper.  Meh.  It all gets done…..or it doesn’t.  I plan to draft it all out between tomorrow’s yoga and run.  Hopefully it’s hailing and sunless so I’m not tempted to get a quick tan on the patio in during that slot.
  • Ah, Tuesday.  I’m Vancouver-bound for a trip that’s been in the works for a good long while.  I get to see some faces I haven’t seen forever and faces that I’m awfully fond of.  It’ll be strange not Montrealing for these weeks, but Vancouvering is pretty comparable, non?  I’m 224 hours from the longest run I’ve done to date, the infamous 10k (that somehow I’ve landed myself in).  I have two goals: don’t die; don’t barf.  Today I did 8.3k in preparation and honestly it wasn’t so bad.  I say that with shins and calves that are on fire, but the run itself….. manageable.  I’m beyond pumped to spend time with my favourite boys, to take in summer, and wrangle up some new adventures.  This summer is going by triple-time… so it’ll be good to soak-in the rest of July as much as possible.

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