Written by travisr on September 25th, 2006

Breakfast Television in Edmonton seems WAY less professional and trendy than Breakfast Television in Calgary… which was weird for me.  It seemed very “Red Deer” to me.  The two were (and are) not even comparable.

How could that be???

I love Michelle McDougal who now anchors Edmonton’s news (she was the weather person in Calgary)… I also love Bridget who had been on A Channel’s Big Breakfast and also the lead in a play I saw at the fringe, she’s now the Personal Interest gal.  YET, to be frank… BT Edmonton stunk.

Didn’t seem polished.   Didn’t seem real.  Didn’t even like the drab chocolate-brown background… which is very unCityTv and very un-Let’s-all-wake-up-and-be-merry.

The real kicker… some guy made fun of people who ride the bus.  (not the short  bus, just buses in general, to avoid false contraversy here).  He said [and I paraphrase] “I was always the kid who got to see people ride on the bus in my nice car… ‘that’ was our neighbourhood in Montreal… not the type of neighbourhood that rode buses… at all”.


(and not just because I was a proud bus rider for most of my university career–not to mention during my discovery of the True Montreal… I think the dude missed out.)


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