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Written by travisr on September 27th, 2006

-after my Media Blog entry the other day… I just saw Angela Kokott (sp?) from global news at Safeway.  Just now.  Not even lying.  Coincidence??
-thanks to my ‘Make Travis Bald’ supporters.  A donation to Cancer Research is never a bad thing, I promise.  Marilyn, David, Fam… you guys rock my world.
-2 more days!!! 2 more days!!!  My head’ll be cooooooooold.
-just gave a presentation to my 52 teaching colleagues.  It rocked.  More specifically: I rocked.  IMHO, of course.
-it was way too long [the presentation]… but what else is new?  Live and learn.
-Sick.  Sick.  Sick.  [me].  Arg.  Too much ‘up and about’ lately?  Maybe.  Cold FX and Eccinisea have currently been called into my insides for support.  First sign of anything non-viral and anti-biotics will be soon to follow.  Don’t want to go creating a superbug here… in the same [sick] breath… I don’t want to spend 8 months locked in bed with big red itchy eyes and a heat pad either.
-Trying to spend a bit less time online… I’m liking it.  That said, the blog’s alive and well.  Don’t be afraid to leave a comment card.
-Worked at… where?… THE BIRD Saturday.  As usual, glad I did.  If Red Robin comes to Calgary I’m so picking up permanent shifts.  Serving’s in my blood.
-I think you’re pretty much caught up.  I’m kind of like a Gilmore Girls episode.  It may have been awhile… put major plot developments take quite some time (related news: can you believe Lorilei cheated??)


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