110 things about me

1 - I knew I’d never be able to come up with 111 things!

2 - I have webbed Toes

3 - I just ate a Chinese mandarin, but have always preferred the Japanese of the same family.

4 - I have always felt strongly that if given a chance I would make an excellent drummer.

5 - I love love love love love Moulin Rouge and always judge people based on their enjoyment of it.

6 - Wendy’s is my favorite fast-food restaurant hands down, you go Dave Thomas.

7 - Growing up I used to imagine that I would build a secret underground lair for recess time.

8 - For the longest time I thought that the earth was more like an egg than a circle.

9 - My favorite pastime to this day is cards!  But I still feel guilty for not going outside and playing.

10 - I only truly like a novel if at the end I feel like I think differently than when I Started.

11 - I really think I’m a good thinker.

12 - I also think that I’m lazy but I think that’s an excuse for my tremendous fear of failure.

13 - On a scale of 1-10 I’d say I’m a 7.4 on the perfectionist scale.

14 - I think it’s ironic that I’m not higher up the scale despite determining my rank to the 7>8

15 - I think that everyone wants to invent something, because what’s cooler than being an inventor?

16 - Pssst… I’ve never ironed a red robin uniform, keep that on the down low, ok.

17 - I can probably count on my hands how many times I’ve flossed in my life.

18 - I can count with my middle finger how many cavities I’ve had, so screw you dental floss industry!!!

19 - I love the finished product when I paint but the paint brush is the heaviest thing on the planet for me?

20 - The funniest moment of my life had to be…….. The day that Mark (not manager) from the bird was making fun of the little bear with the crazy hat at the staff party…funniest thing ever, and hard to describe.

21 - The second funniest moment was when I stole the bear.

22 - The fad where people cut off their jean cuffs and they fray was the coolest thing to me.

23 - I totally missed that fad so recently I started wearing frayed jeans again.

24 - The reason I missed the fad is because I always thought their jeans looked cooler than mine but I wasn’t sure why until I realized… omg…their jeans are frayed!!!!!!!!!

25 - I really love butter pickles

26 - I still think a buffet is the best thing in the world.

27 - Anything all you can eat really.

28 - Why would you go to taco bell and order non-supremed fries

29 - I never thought I would ever believe in ghosts, as a child.

30 - I love to pester; and teese peeple subtlee.

31 - I think the best compliment someone can give me is to tell me I’m clever.

32 - Or that I have nice eyes, but that’s the best compliment you can give anyone.

33 - I think accents are so interesting.

34 - It’s a toss up between Red and Blue but they’re are both such unique colors that I think it depends on the mood, no one should ever have  just one favorite color, because what if you go color blind, you need a back up color.

35 - I thought I’d never get this far.

36 - I’m nervous when in the presence of crossword puzzles (I think it’s the failure thing).

37 - Everyone should have to pass a kidney stone as a test of man hood.

38 - I know what a non-sequitar is.

39 - I’m starting to wonder if I really do because it’s not in my spell check dictionary.

40 - I think I’m very good at changing my view points if someone points out to me that I’m wrong.

41 - I don’t think I’ve ever liked pasta really.  Spaghetti noodles with parm only maybe.

42 - Oh and of course KD!

43 - I’ve never had a different e-mail address than the one I have now, I’m very proud of that fact.

44 - Some would say I still have my “gold member status” if you’re nice to me I’ll tell you what that is.

45 - My favorite shirt of all time was bought for me by my parents in Mexico.  Who’d have thought that my parents would buy me such a hot shirt.

46 - I really love my parents and couldn’t imagine having other parents, But I think I look down on them more than I should.

47 - Down filled comforters are the best invention ever, I wish I had invented it.

48 - I believe in evolution but something’s don’t add up, we’re talking about you mister giraffe.

49 - Still on this point, seriously find another food source, why would you grow your bl##ping neck so long for a couple of leaves!!!

50 - I feel naked when I don’t have coasters in my apron.

51 - I’ve tasted $50 a glass champagne and I still prefer Iced tea.

52 - I like candles

53 - I always try to calculate in my head the percentage of people I serve who make less money than me.

54 - I’ve been described as arrogant.

55 - I don’t disagree with that but I always get a little confused because I think arrogance is good and healthy.

56 - I still miss my hamster Nala more than any other creature I possessed as a child.

57 - I had a lot of creatures growing up.

58 - I used to let my hedgehogs run free while I slept in my bedroom and then one day pulled the bed out to find a ripped up carpet and about two pounds of s.h.I.t.

59 - My computer wouldn’t let me not capitalize that “I” so I’ve left it in for “artistic merit”!

60 - my mouth waters the most when I think of Jalapenos.

61 - I feel like I live on a computer, but it was a gradual transformation.

62 - I don’t believe in vampires, but I think they would be freaky if they existed.

63 - I still prefer future shop over best buy.

64 - I walked into a pane of glass and spidered it all up because I thought they were dumb and left the door open.

65 - I don’t like Tobey Maguire and was disappointed when they announced he would be spiderman.

66 - My favorite teddy growing up was honey, a little bear puppet, I still have it.

67 - I remember thinking how could I go on if honey died in a fire or something but in retrospect I think I’d be fine.

68 - My best friend Travis thinks Dennis is hot but only because Analise says so.

69 - I’m not even going to touch this one - 69

70 - I think sharpies are the greatest thing ever created.

80 - I really like cactuses, they make me smile.

81 - why do they make the dime smaller than the nickle anyway, this question has always been  a mystery to me.

82 - I love to make people laugh, the anticipation of the laugh is the best part of my day.

83 - I find talking about myself to be very therapeutic

84 - The guy that sold me this computer told me in six months id have a very expensive door stop and guess what buddy, its getting close to six months and its still kicking.

85 - I can salsa

86 - I prefer the anonymity of heterosexuality to the occasional singling out of homosexuality .

87 - But other than that, its Christmas every day when you’re gay.

88 - I feel being gay is such as small part about me but its really what people see when they look at me.  Because of this I think I can identify with minorities and how frustrating it can be to be prejudged.

89 - I always though I’d make a good psychiatrist.

90 - I also wanted to own a monkey to shine my shoes for me.

91 - I don’t really remember what I wanted to be when I grew up because I was always getting older and imagining what I’d be in a year and that took up most my time.

92 - Really,  how could you plan thirty years in advance like we’re asking the kids in high school to do when they can‘t even decide which shoes to wear today.

93 - I hate telus dsl because it falls offline at least once a day.

94 - I really love computers and am fascinated by them, my dream job I think would be to design computer games, or better yet test them and rate them.

95 - I think I’m just a big geek trapped in a cool guys body.

96 - I heard a women say she was a homo trapped in a woman’s body and that really made me think.

97 - Ali Cole has a hot bum.

98 - There’s a weird smell I cant describe but it smells like plastic toys and when I smell it I have the most intense nostalgia.

99 - 98 is a weird thing about me, I promise to make this one less creepy.   I like the smell of chai tea a lot.

100 - I enjoy a game of chess and am always surprised when I win, but I never really lose to my credit.

101 - I would say the most pain I’ve ever experienced was when as a child I fell four feet and landed on my jaw on a stack of railroad ties and lost my tooth.  Believe me its more painful then it sounds.

102 - My best friend from high school reminds me of will smith even though my best friend is AMErican - american.

103 - I feel guilty of being a racist for that last thought every time I think it.

104 - I always say that I think I was a janitor in another life.

105 - I love living where I’m living now.

106 - I’d rather live somewhere else.

107 - My favorite brand of chocolate is Lindt

108 - Followed by toblerone.

109 - I wonder if when the toblerone was first marketed, the very first year they came to this country, at Christmas how people reacted when they saw a toblerone  wrapped up, because now a days everyone would know what it is by the peculiar shape, people even wrap other things in toblerone boxes to make people think that there’s a toblerone inside when really there isn’t, that’s how recognizable the shape has become.  How I long to return to the days of toblerone innocence when we didn’t know what that obviously shaped box had in store for us.

110 - When I was writing this I really thought I was being deep but really, candles and iced tea how deep is that really.  <>

111 - maybe I’ll think of something someday…. But until then…..