60 Unsolicited Things About Holly Cunningham

1. Holly buys into adage “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.
2. Having a baked apple with cheese did not change Holly’s life.
3. Having a baked apple with cheese DID change Holly’s concept of breakfast.
4. Holly sometimes drinks fruit puree syrup for pancakes, as a breakfast smoothie.
5. Holly’s mom is a nutritionist.
6. Holly’s mom once watched a news story on people ‘google-ing’ themselves.
7. Holly's high school awards include: a service certificate, honour roll, senior citizenship, and a ‘passport to education’ award.
8. Once a stranger took a close-up of Holly.
9. Holly is quite sure it would be illegal for that stranger to use the picture.
10. Holly would be freaked out if someone, such as that stranger, used her life in a website without her permission.
11. Holly was vice president of student affairs at BCIT.
12. Holly condensed all of her terms at school, and still has NO bags under her eyes.
13. Holly sometimes spells hilarious “halarious”.
14. If using the current version of MicrosoftWord halarious will automatically change to hilarious.
15. If Holly becomes nervous she gets into elevators and loses all sense of reality. She will push the button of the floor she is on, and then forget what floor she really needs.
16. Holly is very good at getting on elevators with famous people.
17. One time Holly got on an elevator with Robin Williams and he did his Mrs. Doubtfire impression.
18. Thankfully, that day Holly knew what floor she needed to be on.
19. Holly has never been on an elevator with Meg Ryan but her “best friend forever” and her “stalker” have.
20. Holly gets nervous around people who stalk celebrities and pretends she is not with the same company, or with the same community relations and brand awareness team.
21. Holly has issues with personal shoppers because they screw people.
22. As a greeter Holly ‘greeted’ Sarah McLaughin once and Sarah came across as totally disrespectful.
23. Holly still respects Sarah as an artist despite knowing her dark side.
24. Holly came out as a non-buzz-sauce-liker at midpoint in her restaurant career.
25. At first people told the ‘higher powers’ about the coming-out but inevitably it had no effect on her job.
26. If faced with a tennis player and a non-tennis player from the same socioeconomic group, Holly will tend to judge the sexuality of the non-tennis player.
27. Holly thinks that Travis and David from Whitemud are quote AMAZING PEOPLE endquote.
28. Holly only dates people who are learning to play guitar.
29. If the person Holly is dating does not make adequate improvements on the guitar within a nine-week period she assumes they do not play tennis.
30. Holly would want you to know that 28 and 29 are totally made up, but her boyfriend really is learning to play guitar.
31. Holly believes that pina coloda’s are either really good or really terrible, but rarely in between.
32. Holly works in the restaurant industry, yet ironically requires consultants to settle restaurant bills.
33. Holly’s friend refuses to take trips other than Disneyworld trips, because she believes Disneyworld is the happiest place on earth.
34. Holly refuses to take trips without her capri’s because she believes capri’s are the trendiest pants on earth.
35. Holly’s favorite store is Express but it is not in Canada yet.
36. Holly does not “dig it” when custom people dig through her delicates in front of the rest of the world.
37. Holly volunteered at the Commonwealth games in BC.
38. Holly cannot pick up her volunteer application for the Olympic Games in BC until 2008.
39. Holly believes that if anything in a restaurant catches on fire and the world is suffering because of it, PGC’s should not be MIA.
40. Holly is well-aware of the infamous ‘kid cup lid scam’ so don’t even try it on her.
41. Holly, however, was unaware of the fact that cars plug in for most of her life.
42. Holly did a rendition of Little Shop of Horrors when she was in high school.
43. Holly relived part of that play when she caught a ride with Red and the community relations and brand awareness team from the ski hill to Banff.
44. Holly has recently had a goat cheese revolution.
45. Holly does not really like vegetables but will eat peas on trains.
46. When Holly first saw “Big” at the Banff Springs her gut reaction was to discuss how he treated Carrie.
47. Holly sometimes gives people who want to be less “Big” incentives such as free trips to lose weight.
48. Holly was present when Robin Williams told Entertainment Tonight that Red Robin was the “Big”gest… I digress…
49. If Holly could meet anyone famous, it would be Sarah Jessica Parker or Jennifer Anniston.
50. The day after Holly said this, Jen split with Brad.
51. If a thief came in the night and stole all of Red Robin’s baskets, Holly would not spend her time crying. Instead, she would find plastic round plates as fast as she could.
52. Banff Springs coffee, Krispee Cream Donuts, and on the spot deliveries from servers within a restaurant shift do not impress Holly.
53. Bikini’s do. Holly has a ‘Florida’ one, and a ‘Canada’ one.
54. If someone calls Red Robin, “Red Robin’s” Holly puts her arm on their shoulder and squeezes it so it slightly hurts while she explains there is no “s”.
55. 54 is not true but now that she is aware of this technique it might be true soon.
56. Holly’s life long dream is to merchandize Fraggle Rock gear.
57. Holly will always stand up for Hotel Employees if someone thinks they should not be seen in the Hotel Swimming pool.
58. Holly will not stand up for Hotel Employees if they forget to clean the room before she gets there.
59. Holly is an amazing, fun, outgoing person who looks better than Meg Ryan.
60. Holly is obviously a ROCK who can stand spending three entire days with two wild and crazy servers. As far as we know she wasn’t even tempted to throw them off the gondola once. She’s the best.