My full name is Joanne Catherine Arthurs.

2.        I think Travis is one of the funniest guys ever

3.        David too.  

4.        I was lost in the Rocky Mountains overnight once, maybe not lost as I knew where I was, but I was stuck on a river island and couldnít get out. It was night and it was freezing.[+7įC] But I was in shorts and bikini and soaking wet from the river]

5.        I rolled a car when I was 18, in the ditch by my parentsí house. I donít remember it really but I didnít get hurt.

6.        To this day I get very antsy when I fishtail in a car.

7.        I have a red car, a Grand AM, just like Travis

8.        Last year I drove that car on a road trip to the states. I put 14 000 Kms on it in 3 weeks. Itís a good car.

9.        I have 2 brothers, one just got married. I have one sister, she is the coolest sister in the world, and we get along smashingly.

10.            I always prefer Pepsi over Coke but will drink either and not fuss about it. I like flat pop the best but only when it is ICE cold.

11.            Even though I prefer cola, I usually order Iced Tea when I eat out. It goes down well and can go with pretty much any meal where as cola and pasta? Seems wrong

12.            I lived in Winnipeg for 4 years. I really liked it there and it is not much colder there then it is here.

13.            I also lived in Singapore for 4 years. My dad worked over there and moved the family. I think I remember a lot about those years, even more then a normal 7 Ė 8 yr old would remember, maybe because it was so different than life in Canada.

14.            I had to wear a uniform to school and I hated it. I wished I had the other style of uniform that was available.

15.            When I turned 8 yrs old, I was at school and some girl gave me a book while I was eating lunch, I didnít even know her name. [ she was in my class Ė they were big grade Ďcommunitiesí more accurately] I thought it was weird that someone I didnít know gave me a gift. But I opened it. It was the book LASSIE, I still have it. I really enjoyed reading it

16.            I saw a flasher when I was 8 also, I was swimming in the pool outside when the guy ran by and opened his coat. I didnít really know what I was looking at.

17.            Same night and same pool, there were lots of bats too; they would swoop down at you while you were swimming, maybe to find out what was going on. It was scary.

18.            I have had the same hotmail e-mail address since 1996 when hotmail was a new fad. I feel proud that I am a long time user and that I havenít switched emails 500 times. I have had other ones also, but always this one as well.

19.            My favorite fiction book to read is by Christopher Pike, itís called The Season of Passage. This is an adult novel, even though he mainly writes teen novels. I have read it about 14 times, no exaggeration.

20.            I also read a lot of Wilbur Smith, I find his books fascinating.

21.            I really like the States and American things; I wish I lived closer so I could shop there.

22.            I wish they sold EasyCheez© [cheese in a can] in Canada. I would buy it all the time.

23.            I always wish I was like other girls when I see them laughing with their friends.

24.            I guess some girls might think that about me too and it makes me feel better

25.            I feel that some days I talk a lot, and other days I am too quiet, I donít feel I have very many in-between days.

26.            When I was younger I hardly talked at all. My mom would often have to tell me to speak to company when we had some.

27.            I am glad that I was born me, one hand and all.

28.            I think that I would be a completely different person without it.

29.            I hated it when I was younger; I got teased a lot in school.

30.            I am over it now and often tease people when they find out or say something pertaining to It., mostly for my own entertainment.

31.            I can be very sarcastic, sometimes I think people donít get it and they take it the wrong way.

32.            I taught English in Seoul, South Korea for a year. The first two weeks were really hard, but then it was really fun.

33.            I got to give a whole bunch of Koreans an English name. They will most likely use these English names for all future English classes and when introducing themselves to foreigners. I tried not to give them stupid names.

34.             I had a class of 17 adult males, I gave them a list of North American male names and told them they had to pick one, and no one could have the same name.

35.            Most of them picked strange names. One guy called himself Romeo and another Elvis. The funniest one was Michael [ he referred to himself as Michael Jackson]

36.            Michael Jackson would take his time at home to learn the lyrics to Michael Jackson songs and then sing and dance for me in class. It was one of the funniest things that happened there. I looked forward to that class.

37.            On my 6th birthday I had a bunch of friends over and we were playing outside, My Dad was out of town working and so it was only my mom home. My little brother was tagging along with us while we were playing in the tree house and decided to go down the ladder facing outwards, he fell off and broke his arm. All my friends had to go home so we could take him to the hospital, I was bitter about that for years and years.

38.             On a different birthday I got a blue angel bike. It had a banana seat and streamers, I loved it.

39.            A few years later in Singapore, I fell off the ledge of a store, [hard to explain] into a flood drain with the same blue angel bike. I broke 4 of my baby teeth and chipped my jaw.

40.            I was screaming in the road like a Banshee Indian and all the Chinese people came out to this very blonde haired white chick  bleeding all over the road. They put band-aids on my chin but it did nothing, they all popped off with the blood spurts.

41.            I got all my broken teeth pulled and 7 stitches. They let the chipped part of my chin/jaw float around until it fixed itself. It did eventually attach back on, but in the wrong pace and you can feel it.

42.            I once had a weird Cist removed from my chin; the doctor asked me if I wanted to keep it. I didnít but now I wish I would have. Cool to gross people out withÖ

43.            When I went to Australia when I was 8, I had to wear shoes and socks on the beach because I had just got some warts burned off.

44.            I was annoyed but it was winter there and it was SO COLD, we had been living in Singapore for 2 yrs prior to that trip, I couldnít remember any temperature below like 30 degrees Celsius.

45.            I also got my ears pierced for the first time in Aussie. I have 2 holes in each ear now. The second one I got done in Edmonton I think.

46.            I didnít wear earrings for years but the holes never closed. I wear them regularly now.

47.            I have a tattoo on my foot. I love it and most people tell me it is cool. That makes me glad I got it all over again.

48.            I have my belly button pierced. I really like that too. But not the big jewelry type things you can buy now. A simple ring does the trick

49.            I have thought that guys would look cool with a cool naval piercing. But I saw a guy, an old hairy man on the beach with one, and now I am not so sure.

50.            Its 11:02 pm right now. I should go to bed.

51.            After reading other peoples many things, I think mine are very long.

52.            I donít care.

53.            Some people went for the laugh factor.

54.            I donít think mine are going to be laugh-out loud funny.

55.            again, I donít care

56.            I have been to Thailand.

57.            That was the first place I ever went scuba diving.

58.            I went to a full moon party. They are nuts and if you ever have a chance to go to oneÖ GO GO GO    http://fullmoonparty-thailand.com/

59.            They feed you 8 - 10 ounces of rum or whiskey mixed with coke and red bull., all mixed together in one sand bucket. You get messed fast [ the exact quantity of alcohol is unknown but it DEFINATLY in that range] lots of drugs too, so if your not carefulÖ..Brokedown Palace

60.            The day after the party I fell asleep under a tree. The shade of the tree moved, except for a few low branches, but I didnít, I got the worst sunburn of my life. I had tree branch outlines on my back. I have never been so hung-over, so sunburned and so confused in my life.

61.            I would still do it all again

62.            I went to Japan on a day trip once. I left from Seoul, South Korea, at 7 am. We got into Osaka at 9 am. I went to get my work visa and had lunch. Shopped a bit and then went back to the airport. The ride home left at 730 pm. I slept in my own bed in Korea that night. It was a cool trip

63.            I have been to almost all of Central America

64.            Guatemala is a very cool country; I enjoyed seeing the people in their traditional dress.

65.            I ate dog meat soup in Korea. It was good. No one in my group would try it. They were all chicken. So I had to go first.

66.            I had hand cuffs on before. Real ones. Youíll have to ask. It was in Mťxico.

67.            I was kind of scared

68.            Funny story now though

69.            Makes me laugh that Jamie Brayman doesnít know what 69 is. Sheís such a doll.

70.            No one else in my family has a tattoo.

71.            I think Napoleon is one of the funniest people around.

72.            I have seen it 7 times and can quote a sickeningly large amount of the movie.

73.            I think I may secretly judge someoneís sense of humor according to whether or not they liked it. I wonít hold it against anyone though

74.            I saw a movie called Rabbit-Proof Fence; I donít think many people have seen it. But I think I always think of it when things are hard, I think, it could be worse for me, suck it up

75.            I am sure that I have one of the most comfortable beds in the world. Itís a two-sided pillow top. I say something appreciative every time I get in.

76.            If I sleep somewhere else for a night. I always think of my bed.

77.            This is the year my brother was born. Heís a very cool guy and I love hanging out with him.

78.            I am not musically inclined.

79.            This is the year of my birthday. It is also tattooed on my foot.

80.            I can not sing well. I wish I could sing better. Not like professionally, but just better

81.            My brother who just got married was born this year, so was his new wife They are both cool people

82.            She doesnít like to be called wife.

83.            Her name is Shannon

84.            My sister was born this year. Sheís just awesome.

85.            We laugh at the same things.

86.            I donít remember the last time we had a fight over something.

87.            Itís possible that it is out of the span of my memory.

88.            She has been right beside me on most of the travels. We didnít fight

89.            We shared a room twice in our lives.

90.            Once when we were kids and had no choice. I thought she was annoying.

91.            The second time was when she moved in with me in Winnipeg. We shared a queen size bed and a dresser.

92.            We still didnít fight

93.            That same house had very random people in it.

94.            Bartek was polish, Brian was Malaysian, Oppa was Korean, Rita was Native and from Toronto or something.

95.            We had very multi-cultural parties.

96.            Our land lord was East Indian. Rent was cheaper the you would expect

97.            This was the year I graduated from high school.

98.            I donít like watching pro sports on TV

99.            I enjoy going to games sometimes.

100.       I figured out how not to have that huge gap after a 3-digit number. Just a normal gap.   I should get a prize.

101.       I love cats.

102.       But not long haired ones.

103.       They say that you will meet about 10 000 people in the span of your life. I think I am close to that and will meet more than that number.

104.       I have no way of ever knowing; would be a cool thing to know.

105.       I have smoked weed before in my life. I decided I donít care who knows. Itís just something I had to try.

106.       I think that -44įC weather is retarded. But not mentally challenged retarded. Just stupid retarded, but not S T U P I D, more like stoo-pid and gay, but not like homo gay just like retarded gayÖ